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      BREMEN,   TUESDAY, JUNE  26TH, 2001


Jekyll & Hyde

I must be wise,
I must try to analyze
each change in me,
everything I see! -
How will it be?
Will I see
the world
through different eyes?

Like a warning light,
glimmering in red,
like a crimson bloodshed,
shimmering in red,
beautyful and strange,
see the colours change
before my eyes!

See how they dance
and they sparkle,
like diamonds at night -
leading out of the darkness
and into the light!

Now the die is cast!
Nothing left to do...
Time alone can prove
my theories true...
Show the world -

  Dear God! What is this?
Something is happening -
I can't explain -
Something inside me -
a breathtaking pain -
devours and consumes me -
and drives me insane!

Suddenly -
agony -
Filling me! -
Killing me! -
Suddenly -
Out of breath! -
What is this?
Is this death?!

Suddenly -
Look at me! -
Can it be? -
Who is this creature...
that I see?!

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