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      BREMEN,   SUNDAY, JUNE  24TH, 2001

part II

Hyde's rampage killing continues as he systematically assassinates further members of the Board of Governors of the St. Jude's Hospital.
("Murder, Murder" / "Mörder, Mörder")

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By the end of it, five of them are dead.

Lisa, frantic with worry about her fiancé, enters Jekyll's for-once unlocked laboratory, looking for him. She reads parts of his journal. Surprising her Jekyll is furious at her intrusion. Unaware of the truth, she soothes and encourages him, trying to bring him back to the path of reason.
("Once upon a dream" / "Da war einst ein Traum")

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Promising she will wait for him, however long it takes, she departs. Jekyll is analysing his situation and the costs of his experiments, when without using the formula Hyde tries to gain control over him.

He records in his journal that the experiment is out of control when Utterson arrives, deeply concerned about Jekyll's wish to change his will. Jekyll leaves everything he possesses to Hyde, should anything ill befall him. Jekyll persuades Utterson to continue to have faith in the experiments and in him and then sends him off to search for the drugs Jekyll desperately needs from the pharmacist to continue his struggle against Hyde.
("Obsession" / "Die Welt ist völlig irr")

Lisa and Lucy separately and simultaneously sing of their deep but confused feelings for the man they both love.
("In his Eyes" / "Nur sein Blick")

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Hyde comes to seek out Lucy, explaining to her his departure. Disappointed, hoping against hope she will see Jekyll, Lucy is nonetheless irresistibly attracted to Hyde.
("Dangerous game" / "Gefährliches Spiel")

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Hyde tries to strangle Lucy, and Jekyll regains control and runs off. Utterson returns to Jekyll's laboratory with the Jekyll's wanted drugs, to find Hyde waiting for him. John Utterson refuses to give the drugs to anyone but Jekyll and threatens him with the left gun. Trapped, Hyde has no option to reveal himself to Utterson, drinking the formula to transform into Jekyll in front of the eyes of his horrified friend. Jekyll gives Utterson a farewell letter to Lucy, begging her to leave London at once, knowing that Hyde will murder her -
should he be able to find her. Believing that Jekyll can finally destroy Hyde with the new drugs - Utterson hurries away to Lucy. Jekyll knows he has to return to the point where he started to find a way to stop Hyde.
("The Way back" / "Der Weg zurück")

Utterson gives Lucy - as wished by Jekyll - the money and a letter and beseeches her to follow Jekyll's bidding: to leave London immediately and start a new life elsewhere. Lucy, left alone, considers her frail future.
("A New Life" / "Ein neues Leben")

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But Hyde arrives and taunts Lucy for her relationship with Jekyll. Singing to her soothingly, he stabs her viciously to death as his voice rises to a frenzied pitch of fury. To threaten Jekyll Hyde hands back the control over his soul Jekyll, to let him realise what he did. Scared and frightened for Lisa - Jekyll runs of to his lab.

Back in his lab, Jekyll knows he is standing in front of the gates of hell - hearing the voice of Hyde inside him.

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And the two halves of his broken soul engage in a desperate final battle for supremacy.    
("Confrontation" / "Konfrontation")

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Jekyll leaves exhausted the laboratory! The experiment was successful. For one last time all by Hyde murdered characters appear wearing the gruesome mask of death.
("Facade - Reprise 3" / "Fassade - Reprise 3")


At the wedding day - Lisa and Henry Jekyll finally happy - Hyde returns back from the edges of death and takes over Jekyll to the horror of the assembled guests. Hyde claims his victory, "There is no Henry Jekyll - only Edward Hyde!". Brutally Hyde murders his last enemy Simon Stride and threatens to kill Lisa.

Utterson draws a gun, trying to protect Lisa from his "friend". Lisa speaks calmly to Jekyll hidden deep within Hyde and know he will not harm her. The Jekyll in Hyde hears her, and somehow finds the strength to let her go. Jekyll/Hyde knowing he is doomed begs Utterson to end his suffering - their suffering and to set them free. Utterson cannot do it, so Hyde attacks him to be shot by his friend in self-defence. The dying Hyde reverts back to Jekyll - calling out for Lisa. She holds him and comforts him when he dies with his final word "Lisa". Lisa whispers to her love "Rest now, it's over. You are with me!"
("Finale" / "Die Hochzeitsfeier")

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The end
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