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      BREMEN,   SUNDAY, JUNE  24TH, 2001

part I

London, 1885 - ("Prolog")

Dr. Henry Jekyll, a brilliant young doctor and research scientist, anguishes over his father's inexplicable mental illness.
("Lost in the Darkness" / "Fern und im Dunkeln" )

Jekyll is obsessed by he belief, that given appropriate support by his peers in the medical profession, he can separate the dual elements of good and evil that are constantly struggling for the supremacy inside every human being.
(I need to know / "Ich muß erfahren")

Jekyll presents his case to the highly conservative and unsympathetic Board of Governors of St. Jude's Mental Hospital. He's asking to test this theories on a live human being. His request is unanimously and summarily rejected, except by the President of the Board, Sir Danvers Carew, Jekyll's future father-in-law, who abstains from voting. The rest of the Board dismiss Jekyll as a dangerous radical.
("St. Jude's Hospital")

Jekell's closest friend and advisor, his lawyer John Utterson, sympathises and tries to encourage him.
("Pursue the Truth" / "Wie soll es nun weiter gehen")

In the changing picture you see the lower class of London - sharing their thoughts about how the "upper" class only show their facade and not their real face.
("Facade" / "Fassade")

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The ill-feeling from that fateful encounter at St. Jude's Hospital carries over into the evening at the glittering reception given by Sir Danvers to celebrate Jekyll's engagement to his daughter Lisa. Since Jekyll is late for his own engagement party - one of his rivals - the drunken Simon Stride tries to talk Lisa out of marrying Dr. Henry Jekyll.
( "Emma's Reason" / "Verlobungsfeier")

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The bridegroom finally arrives - pretty late. After living through the "remarks" of Sir Danvers and dealing with the guests of the party, Jekyll is finally alone with Lisa. He tells her that he is more determined than ever to pursue his course of action.
("I must go on" / "Ich muß die Arbeit beenden")

But Lisa assures him that she is willing to walk with him all the way.
("Take me as I am" / "Nimm mich wie ich bin")

Sir Danvers and Jekyll's friend Utterson disrupt the loving couple. And after a small quarrel with Sir Danvers about the meeting with the Board later that day, Jekyll and Utterson leave. Not to happy about Lisa's choice for marriage, Sir Danvers discusses his concerns with Lisa.
("Letting Go" / "Loslassen")

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Again you see the streets of London. ("Fassade - Reprise 1")

Utterson tries to take Jekyll's mind off his problems by dragging him unwillingly to a disreputable bar - The Red Rat - where Nellie greets them. Among the girls working at the club is Lucy Harris, a disillusioned young woman who wants to make something of her life.
("Facade - Reprise 2" / "No one know who I am" - only Broadway)

On stage of the "Red Rat" Lucy displays a vibrant personality as she sings an appropriately song
("Good N' Evil") ("Schafft die Männer ran")

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Then the club's seedy owner, sinisterly know as The Spider, physically assaulting Lucy in front of the customers for not "doing her job", Jekyll steps in between. Consoling her by offering his drink, Lucy tries to seduce him to please the "always" watching owner Spider. Jekyll thankfully declines, but gives her his card, should she ever need a friend.
("Lucy & Jekyll in der Roten Ratte")

Returning home, Jekyll thanks Utterson for the dubious relaxation provided by the "Red Rat" and decides to work late. Utterson leaves and Poole - Jekyll's Butler - relays the bad news of Jekyll's Father's death. Both remember his father's great qualities before his dark illness descended on him. Jekyll's mind is made up now... he has to prove his theories.
("Now there is no choice" - "This is the Moment" / "Dies ist die Stunde")

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In his laboratory, Jekyll records in his journal that he is making himself the subject of the experiment. He drinks 100 cl of the prepared formula JH 7.
("First Transformation" / "Die Verwandlung")

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He is transformed into... a fierce creature - Edward Hyde.

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Nellie and Lucy lament their life, even though Lucy still dreams of a better future.
("Mädchen der Nacht")

As Hyde he's returning to the Red Rat looking for Lucy. There he exults his evil and liberated persona by trying to abuse Lucy and attacking another customer who tried to intervene.
("Alive" / "Das Gefühl von Edward Hyde")

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Jekyll's experiments continue. He disappears from society and becomes reclusive, unavailable to even his closest circle - Lisa, Utterson and Poole. They are unaware of the demons he is dealing with as he remains isolated and locked away in his laboratory. Lisa is concerned and hopes that Utterson will be able to talk some sense into him. Jekyll finally emerges, to be confronted by his anxious best friend John Utterson.
("Your work - and nothing more" / "Du kennst nur eins")

Jekyll receives an unexpected letter from Lucy, in which she states to be badly hurt. And so Jekyll runs off to her room at the "Red Rat". Lucy awaits full hope Jekyll's arrival and tells him about this sadistic visitor who hurt her. Jekyll is appalled and tenderly treats her wounds. Lucy says that she will never forget this customers name "Hyde.... Edward Hyde!" Transfixed with horror, Jekyll completes his treatment.
("Sympathy, Tenderness" / "Freundlichkeit, Zärtlichkeit")

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Overwhelmed by his kindness, she kisses him - with gratitude and passion. A confused Jekyll takes his leave of her. Lucy daydreams of her impossible relationship with Jekyll while he wanders off into the streets of London.
("Someone like you" / "Jemand wie Du")

Back in the seedier streets of London, Hyde intercepts the Bishop of Basingstroke, one of the St. Jude's Hospital Board Governors - after the Bishop returned from a sordid liaison with a teenage boy. Hyde batters the hypocritical cleric to death and sets him on fire in a frenzy of rage. Hyde has become Jekyll's avenging "Angel of Death"
("Alive - Reprise" / "Das Gefühl von Edward Hyde - Reprise")

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