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      BREMEN,   SATURDAY, JULY  14TH, 2001


Michaela Kovarikova "Lisa"

  The last days have past us - reality has got us back. The day we feared for some time has come - the 30th of June. It's kind of funny to pass by the theatre and know that Jekyll & Hyde, the cast and most of the stage have left.

Packing the stage for Vienna the "Ballroom" & "Lucy's Room"


  But some of the last events will be remembered by many - fans & friends of the Musical in Bremen. Aren't that many great memories to share? Thanks to all who made the goodbye an rememberable one. Some of the actors had some extra shows prepared. Kenneth Posey gave two concerts in Bremen - "Auf den Höfen" a small bar with a lot of atmosphere - also appearing Jan Merchant (The Lady Beaconsfield) and Kathrine Krueger (who performed a strong Nellie for the last month) and also at the "Landhaus Siedenburg". Ethan fulfilled his dream of an Jazz evening in the Mayfair Restaurant at the theatre. And last but not least Darius Merstein who filled Henry's Bar with Jazz and his passion for music right after the Friday evening show. Respect... and to every one who missed it! Na-na-na-na-na-na - YOU MISSED IT! (Sorry - got carried away!

The foyer is now empty...



Yes - Jekyll & Hyde stays
in our hearts

  Also easing the goodbye was "Forbidden Jekyll" - Jekyll & Hyde re-written by the cast. Thinking at it still makes me grin or break out into laughter. Having 2 Lucy's & 2 Lisa's - seeing Michaela perform both parts "In his Eyes". When "Give me your heart" & "Give me your hand" get a totally different meaning. YES! Something else you should not have missed that Tuesday.

  So I am sitting here - or meet some of my friends and remember... And soon you'll find here more about these spectacular days - and the "Day of the Open Door" in June 2001 will be shown here.

Michaela Kovarikova - Darius Merstein - Maricel - 30.06.2001

Change is not to circumvent! Unfortunately not!

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